Hope to Power Through

Everyone Needs Hope

From divorce to death and everything in between, people have traumatic events in their lives. It was estimated that 16 million adults in the U.S. suffered a major depressive event in 20121 and that 70% of adults will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime2.

A Simple, Yet Effective Reminder That There is Hope

Ever Hope allows you to provide a gift of hope that will continually remind others that they are loved, that they are cared about, and, most importantly, that there is always hope.

Give Hope

Give Meaning.

Give Hope.

Stories of Hope

How it Works

Give Something Meaningful, Give Hope.

Friend, Relative, Loved One, Self

Identify someone  (friend, relative, loved one, self) who is currently experiencing a difficult or traumatic experience.

Give Hope

The best way to get hope is to give hope. Give an Ever Hope gift to someone who is experiencing difficulty.

Get Hope

An Ever Hope gift is a constant visual reminder that you can make it through your difficult time. Giving a gift of hope also helps you feel more hopeful.





Essential to Life



I am Hopeful


1. NIMH, https://www.healthline.com/health/depression/facts-statistics-infographic#2
2. https://www.sidran.org/resources/for-survivors-and-loved-ones/post-traumatic-stress-disorder-fact-sheet/

“My Ever Hope bracelet has become a symbol evoking hope and peace.”

Shirley M, after the passing of her husband

“Wearing the Ever Hope bracelet is a beautiful reminder that, no matter what happens, there is always hope.”

Denise, family loss

“When I look at my bracelet, I think about the future.”

Shirley R, after death of spouse