“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” Abraham Lincoln

  • Ever Hope is a social enterprise company whose primary mission involves the spreading of hope to others.  Helping others feel a sense of hope in their lives is the bottom line of what Ever Hope is all about.
  • People everywhere need hope. In our world today, from our own particular neighborhoods to the far-distant countries of the globe, people are in need of hope in some aspect of their lives.  People are struggling with the effects of natural disasters, criminal actions, day to day struggles of life (financial, housing, medical), as well as personal heart-felt tragedies.  Such may include a death in the family, serious medical illness, substance abuse involvement, marital affair, divorce, and the list goes on and on.
  • Ever Hope’s mission, in everything it stands for and does, is to help people improve their lives and feel empowered to overcome significant life challenges through the building of hope. As such, we are committed to helping others understand the concept of hope, how to feel hopeful in their lives, and how to pass along hope to others.
  • Research supports hope.  Shane Lopez, Ph.D. examined over 100 hope studies. He found that, “all told, the science of hope shows that how we think about the future is a key determinant of success in school, work, and life”.  He found a 12% increase in academic performance, a 14% increase in outcomes in the workplace, as well as a 10% happiness boost for hopeful people.   In simple terms, high-hope students scored better than low-hope peers, high-hope salespeople sold more than low-hope colleagues, and high-hope people were just happier than their low-hope friends.  (Lopez, Shane J., Making Hope Happen, pp. 50-51, 2013).