Throughout his professional career, Dr. Schreiner has attempted to convey a sense of hope to his patients, as they have worked to tackle the hardships in their lives.

In early 2016, Dr. Schreiner found himself in a bit of an emotional funk regarding his professional contribution to society at large.  While he had always strived to provide excellent clinical care to his patients – on a one-on-one level, he wanted to impact people and society in general on a large-scale level.

Through discussions with his colleague Nate, it become clearly apparent that what Dr. Schreiner most desired was to impart the concept of hope on a macro-type level to people in masse.  People in general, no matter their age, sex, color, ethnicity, religion, or status in life – all need hope in their lives.

“All that I am or Ever Hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” Abraham Lincoln

“While contemplating the above statement by Abraham Lincoln, I, experienced, without warning, a feeling so intense – as if a lightning bolt had shocked me to the very core! It was an intense realization about my early life:

My mother, suffering from two major diseases, finally succumbed to the fatal effects of pneumonia, and passed away when I was just three years of age.  In that moment, she was transfigured from being my loving earthly mother to my saint-like angel mother!

I had my own spiritual awakening, if you will, that anything good that I had become, or anything at all related to some type of accomplishment, I owed to my own angel mother.  Her motherly hopes for me, combined with my own hopes for my life, were symbiotically joined together.  What a powerful realization!  As such, EVER HOPE holds a profound personal meaning for me and my life. The seedling of a hope movement had begun!

It became apparent to me over a period of time that I wanted people to feel hopeful about their life situation, to understand that they truly can make it through the tough times in life, and while doing so,  want to help others feel hope for their own particular life challenge. Further, I wanted people to be reminded on a near-constant basis, through a visual cue, of the hope they must embrace.  Hence, the wearing of items, such as jewelry, to act as a constant visual reminder.