Red Bronze Bracelet

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This bracelet cuff is Red Bronze, made in the USA, and a forever keepsake.  Easily adjustable, open back, with EVER HOPE engraved on the top-side.


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This unique, gender-neutral, Ever Hope bracelet is all about Hope.  As one looks down their arm and reflects upon their hope gift, it is as if their bracelet is calmly and soothingly conveying that all will be fine- that there will always be hope. This Red Bronze bracelet will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come.

Remember, when wearing copper your skin below the copper may discolor to green or blue – a normal reaction to copper on the skin. You can seal the copper by periodically applying clear nail polish to the underside of the bracelet. For more information, please see our product care instructions. Bracelets ship within 2-5 business days to locations in the continental U.S.

One size fits all.

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Weight 5.1 oz

Ever Hope, Without Message


One Size Fits All


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