Ever Hope Product Care Instructions

Congratulations!  You are now the proud owner of an Ever Hope bracelet.  Here are some tips to ensure quality care of your bracelet for many years to come.

Sterling Silver / Silver Plated

  • Soft, initial bending to fit your wrist is fine, but repeated bending may cause the cuff to snap.
  • Your bracelet and water are not a good mix.  It is recommended that you  take it off before showering, getting into a hot tub, washing dishes,  etc
  • Store your bracelet in the jewelry box provided.
  • You may use a silver polishing cloth for polishing.

Red Bronze

We at Ever Hope have applied a coat of clear nail polish to the underside of each RB bracelet to act as a barrier against any skin discoloration that may occur. If any patina (discoloration) begins to build on the bracelet, use a lemon juice or vinegar solution and soak the bracelet in it for several minutes. This will remove the buildup.

Potential Minor Skin Discoloration

Your bracelet has undercoat of clear nail polish to act as a barrier to any potential skin discoloration. However, some individuals may find that the red bronze bracelet causes a minor discoloration of the skin. The discoloration is not harmful. When copper or bronze comes in contact with human sweat and/or chemicals on the skin a minor reaction may occur in which a green or blue coloring develops on the skin. Although it is not harmful, the color and/or the duration of the discoloration may vary depending on the individual. Proper care of the bracelet may minimize or prevent any discoloration.

For more information on discoloration of the skin, and how to care for your bracelet, please refer to the following articles:

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