Hope in Action: Caring Police Officer Saves Life

This is a story of hope in action that brings tears to my eyes. A 26-year-old was contemplating suicide and had climbed atop a bridge in Chandler, Arizona.

A local police officer saw what was happening and intervened, starting a conversation and developing a rapport with the young man. This officer eventually convinced the young man to come down and give him a hug. They stood there together as the young man appeared to cry.

This situation demonstrates a ray of hope in one of life’s darkest moments. This young man seemed to be lacking hope for himself or his life at that moment, and the kind officer was able to remind him that he mattered. For some, it can be difficult to remember that each of us is important and loved. Fortunately, as friends, family, and community members, we are able to step in and show that we care for the people around us. We at Ever Hope are so grateful to the people in the world, like this officer, spreading hope on a daily basis.