Kendrick Castillo’s Heroic Acts Saved Lives During School Shooting

‘‘There were several students from Highland Ranch, Colorado, who are being hailed as heroes for their role in disarming an active shooter on the school premises.  One such hero, Kendrick Castillo, was fatally shot.   ‘I want to make something very, very clear: Kendrick Castillo died a legend,’ said Brendan Bialy, one of the students who disarmed the shooter.  Brendan went on to state the following:

‘In the terrifying moments between the first shots fired and the first deputy’s arrival, it came down to three young men against a gun. What I saw yesterday was the absolute best of people. I got to see two heroes, two regular high school kids, two really awesome people jump into action without any hesitation, and I was more than lucky to join them in doing that action,’ Brendan said.  Brendan said there was no hesitation on his or his classmates’ part.  ‘It was immediate, non-hesitation, immediate jump into action. There was no questioning, there was no hesitation, there was no looking around. It was threat noticed, action time.’

It was Kendrick who first lunged at the shooter.

‘He charged the shooter and immediately was on top of him. Complete disregard for his own safety. He was immediately there to respond, he was immediately on the shooter and he was ready to end the threat,’ Brendan said.”

(USA Today, 5/8/19.)

The preceding story is a mix of tragedy and hope on several levels:  Tragedy, given the devastating loss of life, and the pain of family members and friends left behind.  and the resulting trauma of the entire experience.  On the other hand, hope:  Hope for humanity in that there are young people out there, like Kendrick Castillo who gave his life for the saving of countless other lives.  Alongside of Kendrick is Brendan Bialy, who has given Hope to the many other students who survived this shooting based on his actions.  They now have hope for a brighter future.

God bless these heroes of hope.  May we always be found inspiring and giving hope to all of mankind.