Generous Teacher Gives Shoes at Graduation

In Richmond, Virginia, a fifth grade student from George Mason Elementary was about to graduate when his shoe suddenly broke. He quickly ran to the art room to try and patch it, but was unsuccessful.
Fortunately, substitute Vohn Lewis was there to come to the rescue. He generously removed his own shoes to let the student wear for the graduation ceremony, making a significant difference in the boy’s day. In return, Mr. Lewis only asked the student to pass along the favor to somebody else some day.
In this day-to-day situation, a teacher was able to make a big difference in the day of a child with this one simple action. Acting on this immediate need, the teacher was able to provide hope to the student in a straightforward, yet powerful way. Often, acts of giving hope do not need to be grand. Sometimes even the simplest gestures can mean more than we could ever know for others.