A Reason to Hope

Anguish and difficulty do not have to be debilitating

Ever Hope seeks to help individuals struggling with difficult or traumatic situations by providing them with an easy reminder that there is hope. Ever Hope gives you the opportunity to do something more to help yourself, or your friends, family members or other loved ones by providing them with a gift of hope. This gift serves as a constant reminder that they are cared about, and that there is hope for their situation.

Dr. Mike Schreiner, Founder

After decades of treating patients struggling with challenging and seemingly insurmountable life situations, clinical psychologist Dr. Mike Schreiner came to the realization that the one thing that so many of his patients needed was a sense of hope. Throughout his career, he has strived to convey a sense of Hope to his patients and he has founded Ever Hope as a simple, yet impactful method of helping struggling individuals feel hopeful.

Every Individual has Inherent Worth

Everyone Matters

Too often individuals are treated as competition at best, at worst worthless. At Ever Hope, we believe that every person has inherent worth, and even in their worst moments, there is always an abundance of love, understanding and hope.

Change a Life. Change the World.

Even something as little as a small reminder that one is cared about and loved can be the spark that changes hearts and renews hope.

Everyone Needs A Reason to Hope